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Ann's House

Ann's House for Women
Junia realized the need to serve and empower others...

Annís House is a five bedroom facility donated to us with 4.5 acres of land including a garden. The house is for single women with children who are:   homeless, health challenged, challenged by life circumstances, or considering giving up their child.  Annís House is for women who are not currently on alcohol, not currently on drugs, without violent offenses. We provide life skills and proven small groups to help these young women not just survive, but thrive and volunteer in their community. Mothers can stay up to 12 months. There are 55 sessions of life skills to help Moms with confidence building, raising confident children, job skills development that include:   


A.  Frest Start Life Seminars (9 sessions);

B.  Thriving In Life Skills (12 sessions). 

CLeaders Advance (9 sessions):  Self Mastery, Relationships, and Actions

D. Job Training (9 sessions)

E. Computer Training (8 sessions)

F. Landscaping, Gardening, and Business Skills Training (8 sessions)

Participants who are young moms will have an onsite Mom or life coach that helps them to prepare for independent living.


Your tax deductible donations are appreciated for our next phase:  Play room and bedroom addition, additional 4 bedroom facility.

Call 513.544.6957 or give on line.



P.O. Box 40471
Cincinnati, OH  45240
phone:  513.544.6957
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