Carolyn King

Carolyn King, CPLC, founder of Strategic Health Empowerment has high level abilities in managing, communicating, negotiating and prioritizing. With 15 years of managing experience as a banking branch manager, 20 years of experience in customer service and 9 years in the insurance industry, she knows the crucial importance of advance planning, securing resources, and researching accurate information that will impact your life. She has a Bachelor’s in Health Administration and she is a Certified Professional Life Coach with a mandate to initiate transformation in the health and wellness arena by empowering people with information and choices beyond those presented to them during difficult times. Her aim is to equip others to proactively make critical informed decisions before a crises arises. For those who find themselves unprepared during a crisis, she also serves as an advocate on their behalf. Mrs. King who has faced personal crisis on behalf of others with no voice and power to advocate for themselves. She has a relentless pursuit to coach others in how to be professional, informed and armed with resources to assist families in preparing in advance and advocating with truth when it comes to their loved ones. With her focus on training others to be fully prepared for a crises, and to be proactive, she provides training and coaching in three specialty areas: Health Empowerment coaching, Health Conversion coaching, and Resource Dissemination